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This gallery is open to native american artists from all tribes. Art will be juried in to assure the highest quality artwork. Photos maybe submitted or an existing website examined. Tribal membership will be verified. As a point of record I request a scanned image of the tribal membership card for my files.

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Member Native American Artworks
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Website Membership For a reasonable cost a website is provided that includes a shopping cart, a links page, and a calendar if desired. The website may have its own domain or may be a subdomain of the gallery. All websites may be directly accessed without first going through the gallery.

The design of the website can utilize one of the themes offered or graphics designed or owned by the artist. Layouts are not limited to the Samples these are just some examples to give you ideas.View Sample Website Designs

The main page of the website will offer some background on the artist or any special messages the artist might want to offer on their work, the messages they are trying to convey with their work or whatever general message they would like to say to their potential customer. A photo of the artist or some of their artwork may also be included on this page if desired. The text and photo on this page can be changed by the artist without further assistance at any time to keep the content fresh.
The shopping, links and calendar sections will be accessed from a link on this page.
The shopping section will contain categories as needed by the artist to properly organize their work and the choice of categories is up to the artist.

The site maintenance is handled through a simple form driven system so further payments for updates are not required. The artist can maintain their own site, adding new pieces of art and removing pieces of art as they are sold. Take a tour of the Maintenance Section
However, personal support is available if needed.

A yearly hosting fee will be required but is kept at a low price to make it a very economical choice. The fees for setup and hosting can be spread out over several months if necessary. Please inquire if you need to stretch it out.

The site content is the responsibility of the artist, however, if complaints are received content will be reviewed. No illegeal products will be tolerated and copyright infringement is taken seriously. Pornography will not be tolerated, however, tasteful art in most art genres is acceptable. Decisions of the gallery regarding unacceptable content are final.

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